Foundation of ERD in Food Science

Foundation of Education, Research, Development in Food Science

Address: 2060 Bicske, SPAR út 0326/1.
Office address: H1118 Budapest, Villányi út 35-43.
ERSTE Bank 11600006-00000000-64385628
Tax No.: 18513930-2-07


About us

The Foundation is open, any private and legal entity and other community without legal status from Hungary and abroad can join, provided that they agree with the aims of the Foundation and wish to help in financial support. Anyone can join the Foundation. The executive board is to decide about acceptance of offered support and joining.

The legal status of the Foundation changed to "public utility" by 19 October 2016.

The main goals of the Foundation, especially:

The Foundation does not practice political activity, does not depend on political parties, does not support them, does not nominate representative into local government and parliament, does not support activity and election of political candidate. The Foundation can not accept support from political organizations.


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Executive Board

Prof. Vatai Gyula, chairman

Prof. VATAI Gyula

Professor, EB Chairman

Professional interest: Membrane separation operations such as membrane filtration (RO, NF, UF, MF), pervaporation, and material transfer operations such as absorption, distillation where the membrane module is used to contact the two phases. Successful applications: aromatic and vitamin-rich juices, sea buckthorn, organic fermentated vinegar, vegetable oil.

Hegyesné dr. Vecseri Beáta, member


Associate Professor, EB Member

Professional interest: Brewery technological development, product development, technological optimization. The physiological effects of beer. The use of 'electronic tongue' for the examination of beers. Development and production of organic health protecting bio-beers.

Prof. Mohácsiné dr. Farkas Csilla, member


Professor, EB Member

Professional interest: Studying the effects of food microbiology, food safety, microbial degradation and decay and various stress factors, rapid microbiological testing methods, new preservation technologies.

Dr. Márki Edit, member

Dr. MÁRKI Edit

Associate Professor, EB Secretary

Professional interest: Applying low-energy separation (membrane)technique (MF, OD, MD, DIA, PV) in food industrial and environmental protection tasks, e.g. making beer production more economical and producing better quality aroma-rich beers, modeling, optimizing and economic analysis of brewing processes. Remove the volatile aroma component of liquid foods (juices) by pervaporation prior to concentration of food before evaporation.

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Supervisory Board

Prof. Felföldi József, chairman

Prof. FELFÖLDI József

Professor, SB Chairman

Professional interest: Development of non-destructive texture analysis. Development of optical methods for the quality characterization of foods.

Badakné dr. Kerti Katalin, member


Associate Professor, SB Member

Professional interest: Temperature tolerance of fats. Investigating options to improve nutritional value of bakery products.

Dr. Friedrich László, member


Associate Professor, SB Member

Professional interest: Food safety, active ultrasound applications, packaging technology, shelf-life enhancement, butcher technologies, temperature tracking, product development, maturation technology.

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Annual reports

Our Foundation, as any other civil organization, is listed in the open directory of Bírósá Here you can download the annual report of recent years in PDF format. According to the current legislation, they are in Hungarian and identical copies of official forms.

2017 (PDF); 2016 (PDF); 2015 (PDF); 2014 (PDF); 2013 (PDF).


Personal tax (SZJA) 1% donation

The Foundation of ERD in Food Science may accept the 1% of personal tax in Hungary, since 2017. In case you wish to support our activity, please write our tax number in the form during your annual tax report. You can find the list of eligible civil organizations, who can receive this type of donation through tax forwarding in Hungary, at NAV website.

Thank you for your support!